Constant noise can become the cause of irritation and low productivity. According to studies, employees cannot perform effectively and are distracted easily when they are in noisy rooms. Noise hardens concentration and keeps people tense.

When considering noise in the sphere of system administration, it is an inevitable factor because of load hardware performance. When hundreds of servers, fans, and other active equipment work together and perform computing tasks, they emit much noise, which comes as a real problem when network systems are located in offices next to employees. This is why it is important to consider a soundproofing issue if you plan to mount a server cabinet in a crowded place.

Reasons for Server Cabinet Noisiness

There can be several reasons for the too-loud performance of IT systems. Here they are:

  • cooling fans. When fans accumulate too much dust on their blades or spin quicker than is prescribed in a manual, they can emit additional acoustic sounds.
  • walls of a server room can resonate under the influence of equipment.
  • a too-high temperature inside cabinets leads to hardware heating and, consequently, noise emission;
  • deteriorated equipment. If you install old devices that cannot cope with modern powers and computing capacities, they will work loudly.

Thus, when dealing with the soundproofing issue, the first step is to identify the cause of extra noise. Only once the cause is identified, it becomes possible to eliminate it. Otherwise, you will try to avoid sounds without curing the problem, which can result in even more dangerous consequences (hardware malfunction, damage, and system troubleshooting).

TOP Treatments for Extra Noisiness

If you face the need to reduce sounds emitted by server systems, here is a list of top solutions on how to soundproof a server rack. Each of them is applied, depending on the reason for the noise.

  1. Clean cooling fans. If polluted fan blades are the cause of loud work, then just clean them. After all, debris from the environment quickly settles on surfaces, so server rack cleaning should be done regularly.
  2. Reduce the speed of the fans. If fans spin too quickly, slow them down.  Make sure that it is installed in the right position. Note that this step entails the temperature rise inside the cabinet, so identify the reason for heat emission and set the system properly. So, you likely need to install extra fans.
  3. Buy quieter fans. If you have outdated models of fans, you should just replace them with newer products. Nowadays, manufacturers constantly improve the quality and performance of hardware. Thus, keep your server system modern and updated.
  4. Buy soundproof server furniture. If everything performs smoothly, you just need a sound proof cabinet. Such constructions are reinforced with sound-absorbing materials to prevent noise from leaving the body.
  5. Buy a quiet server. Just like outdated fans, servers also become deteriorated. So, make sure to install advanced equipment.
  6. Soundproof materials for the server rack. Apply special foams, sprays, or reinforce panels with additional layers to block sound penetration.

Here are the most effective solutions on how to make a rack server quiet. Choose a suitable option, depending on the device that functions too loudly. Never neglect this issue since noise is just the first alarm of a problem.

Effective Techniques to Soundproof Server Rooms

However, when you have a big data center with several cabinets and thousands of hardware pieces, it is more reasonable to soundproof an entire premise rather than each rack. When server rooms are separated, soundproofing is achieved by two methods, namely, reinforcing the noise absorption characteristics of walls and doors. Special construction materials are applied:

  • drywall;
  • fibrous materials;
  • mineral wool;
  • polymer membranes.

Constructors suggest applying these materials to room surfaces to achieve the best effect and prevent sounds from leaving the premises.

Rack VS Room Soundproofing: Which One is Better?

It is impossible to say that one option is better. Each solution applies to every individual situation. If you have to install server cabinets in an office or next to people, you should soundproof cabinets. If you have a separate room, there is no need to spend time on each furniture piece. It is more reasonable to soundproof the premise.

Ways to Control Heat inside Cabinets and Rooms

Anyway, if extra noise appears, it is the first alarm malfunctioning. It is important to promptly identify hazards and eliminate them. Frequently, temperature surges cause loudness. Thus, it is important to control the temperature. The following methods are used:

  • climate control sensors are installed;
  • heat proof barriers are applied;
  • modern technologies for airflow and ventilation are implemented;
  • remote monitoring of climatic conditions is carried out 24/7.

Your investment in environmental control tools stands as a guarantee of the long-lasting well-functioning performance of a network system. Sensors protect hardware from overheating and alarm the control board to prevent significant damage.

Remember that extra noise does not appear as it is. Your system requires examination in this case. Yet, make sure to clean and maintain all components regularly to avoid malfunction and downtime.

If everything works smoothly, but noise disturbs you or other people, use the mentioned techniques to reduce the level of emitted sounds. The above-listed technologies help cope with the problem effectively and guarantee the comfortable handling of IT equipment.